About Jason Elliott Jones

Jason Elliott Jones, born December 12, 1977 in Mansfield, OH.  Born to a banker and a terminal management for a trucking company, Jason was not abused as a child, so his comedy comes to him naturally!  He has always loved making people laugh and why not?  Growing up in Knoxville and Crossville, Tennessee there was nothing else for him to do but try to be funny!  He went to an open mic night in a comedy show in Chattanooga, Tennessee; almost on a dare, and he got hooked.  Not literally, but figuratively!  He loves comedy, and it comes through in his social media posts and in life.  Always one to tell a joke to make another smile.

Influenced by the cartoons of the 1980’s: Popeye and He-Man (Masters of the Universe); the cartoons were so full of energy, just as Jason is.  Moving on he was influenced by Robin Williams in many different venues, but most notably Mrs. Doubtfire.  Jason sits in a dark room and does impressions of many different people.  He has gotten quite good at the impressions and has been asked to do them on a regular basis.  Further being influenced by his military service in the Tennessee National Guard.

Jason is not married and thus has a lot of time on his hands to write jokes and make people smile.  If you have any suggestions swipe right on his profile, you know where!  Due to Jason’s military service he has a deep caring heart for his fellow military Veterans and makes every effort to help them as much as possible.  His comedy routines are never dull and he always has new material, but he likes to discuss his world, politics, life in the South, and how drugs and food stamps have shaped the world that he lives in.

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Women and football???

Men dont need women to tell them about football, they already tell them .....to take out the trash, put the toilet seat up, be nice to my mother ......yes we need a timeout

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The NFL…..

Following the Injury of Star Aaron Rodgers, the NFL in my opinion is in serious trouble. The Product is really bad and now with the Politics lingering around every week, fans are now tuning off for good.

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