Good morning everybody, I just wanted to say how awesome the atmosphere for up-and-coming comedians in Las Vegas is and to say thank you to Gabriel Castillo Sam Lundstedt Steve McInelly Justin J Brown Bjorn Ryan-Gorman Comedian Marcus J Kenneth Komoto and many others …… I’ve only been here a little over a week and all these comedians have been super awesome, especially to someone who left everything to move 1800 miles away. I hope all my followers and Friends check each one of these comedians out, because they’re all unique and extremely talented. Thanks for reading and again thanks to everyone for your support and love Rob Mitchell Joshua Long Stephanie Lopez Mike Frizzell Bob Nash Shane West Erik Dishman Laura Kutschenreuter David Cole Van Booth Brook Jolley Brian Henry Coty Henry Mark Connley Tyler Connley Joshua Davenport Rhonda Hall Wright Michael Hammelev especially my home state of Tennessee Michael Greene Christina McCray, my family Jerry Jones Jeff Jones Marilyn Skinner Patsy Couch Lora Jones Teggart Denita Parish-Porter Helen Branstetter Luke Porter Lessie Merrina Parish fellow veterans and most importantly my brothers of the Infantry. Why is the sky blue? Because I love my brothers for eternity and I’m not gonna let you down. I just wanted to let all these people know before the Christmas season how much I appreciate them and care about them, and there are so many more of you that have been amazing on this journey and in life…. if you can’t tell people how much you care about them and you appreciate them, then what is life really all about?
Adam Jacobsen has been my rock here and has done so much to help me get here and get aclomated …..Thanks brother
Merry Christmas to you and all of your family …… yes that was a lot of information to take in…… I guess in closing in this horrible grammar that I have…. is to say that don’t ever take for granted this Christmas season or holiday season.

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Jason Jones
Comedian with a military minded twist. He has "depraved" eyes, and calls it the way he sees it. His humor includes everything from observational humor to situational improv. Jason Jones sees comedy in everything from being called a "deplorable" to being a dumped by any number of psycho chicks!