I am really looking forward to getting to speak with American legions and vfw’s across the south east or just to speak to organizations. I am learning how to market myself more now and i believe I have a message that will inspire people to adapt and overcome and always be thankful and appreciative we are Americans, growing up in a small town in east Tennessee called Crossville and being influenced by my roots in the Smoky mountains, I learned how to treat everyone like somebody, because after all they are somebody. East Tennessee is special place, good hearted folks that have come from humble beginnings but their word was and is their bond, no matter where I am, I carry the smokies and east Tennessee with me. Thanks for reading.

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Jason Jones
Comedian with a military minded twist. He has "depraved" eyes, and calls it the way he sees it. His humor includes everything from observational humor to situational improv. Jason Jones sees comedy in everything from being called a "deplorable" to being a dumped by any number of psycho chicks!