Divorce is rampant ….it’s everywhere kind of like beanie babies…..i think if you get divorced then the same people that came to your wedding, should have to come to your divorce …. they’ll be a collection of songs that piss him or her off…..his most hated meal, liver and onions will be served …..her most hated dress she has to wear it …..if we are gonna get divorced let’s make it the most memorable, miserable day of your lives….to finish, he’ll recite what pisses him off the most about her and she will do the same….let’s take divorce to another level. 😉 Just keep Grandma away from the booze.
from Jason E. Jones http://ift.tt/2gVgAyA

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Jason Jones
Comedian with a military minded twist. He has "depraved" eyes, and calls it the way he sees it. His humor includes everything from observational humor to situational improv. Jason Jones sees comedy in everything from being called a "deplorable" to being a dumped by any number of psycho chicks!