Well I’m now getting a few messages because apparently Facebook isn’t that small I pissed off some big-time Comedians and celebrities that are that I know of other Comedians and actually infantry Brothers. I just got off the phone with a friend that just let me know that the people that read my stuff aren’t just working at Home Depot or working as a Salesman I’ve apparently really offended some big-time people in Hollywood. I was like I’m a just out of the womb amateur comedian at best and I’ve got people in Hollywood pissed off at me. I was actually called a redneck hillbilly f***** hard that will never accomplish a damn thing in LA.

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Jason Jones
Comedian with a military minded twist. He has "depraved" eyes, and calls it the way he sees it. His humor includes everything from observational humor to situational improv. Jason Jones sees comedy in everything from being called a "deplorable" to being a dumped by any number of psycho chicks!